• _MG_0987

    Helen McCrory

      “So often on a film set a choreographer will swoop in with little idea of character or story but Tommy considers both. He speaks about the period, it’s form and its nuances. He doesn’t just create a dance. What he really does, is unlock a …

  • Simon Russle Beale

    ‘I was enormously impressed by his patience and tact with the leading actors, his imaginative creative input and, most of all, by his effortless command of a large number of people in a very complicated scene on a predictably frantic film set. I enjoyed enormously working …

  • _MG_3967

    Billie Piper

    ” Tommy is a joy to work with and to learn from. It’s not easy teaching actors to dance and move as if they were from another era but his does so with grace , precision and most importantly good humour.  The outcome is alarmingly spot …

  • Tommy watches Josh & Eva

    Eva Green

    Tommy is a wonderful  choreographer . What sets him apart from everyone else is the heart he puts in every dance step. His passion is contagious and sweeps you off your feet. Especially for me who has two left feet … Tommy’s patience is boundless ! He …

  • _MG_1091

    Timothy Dalton

    “Tommy Tonge is a fine choreographer and a pleasure to work with.”

  • Tommy & Josh practice

    Josh Hartnett

    ‘If Tommy can summon a graceful waltz out of a 200lb man with two left feet, wearing hiking boots in a 10’x10′ cabin, he can teach you anything. He is a man of infinite patience….’